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Many Atlanta commercial landscaping companies employ experts and tradespeople to conduct the work that needs to be done on your commercial properties. They’ll supplement the rest of the work with subcontractors.

Subcontracting is a common practice among small and large professional service businesses. It can look like this:

  1. Typically, the owner of a business will meet with you to develop solutions to your problems and recommend a plan of action and job cost estimates.
  2. From there, many times a subcontractor will handle the day-to-day work that’s required.
  3. The business owner will oversee the subcontractor’s work while it’s in process, hopefully checking for quality and accuracy when it’s completed.
  4. Then the owner will bill the client directly for all of the work, dispersing payment to subcontractors as needed.

While subcontracting enables a landscape contractor to become a one-stop shop for your commercial property, there are some problems that can arise with using subcontractors.

Here’s a look at four problems you should be aware of before hiring an Atlanta commercial landscaping contractor who relies heavily on subcontractors to perform their work.

They Subcontract Their Core Services

If you hire an Atlanta landscape maintenance company, you want the core landscape maintenance services to be supplied by the experts who work at that company—not subcontractors they hire. This is important because for the core landscape maintenance services you need on your Atlanta commercial property, you want to be the first priority to the company.

Sometimes, subcontractors serve so many business partner clients that you can easily fall to the wayside when it comes to weekly core services, like mowing, edging, basic pruning and cleanup. With the number of properties you have to manage, you don’t want to be in the position where you are wondering if your job was taken care of or not.

Also, landscape contractors who do this core work themselves are constantly perfecting their knowledge on these services and maintaining the turf and plants on your property, so they know best how to handle any specific issues or challenges that arise.

They Hire The Wrong Subcontractors

core landscaping services should not be subcontracted outFor a commercial property manager who has so many hats to wear, including dealing with tenant issues, rent collection, asset management, government issues, multiple service providers, etc., the last thing they want to deal with is managing multiple contractors for work that can be done by one contractor.

Working with a one stop shop is ideal because it makes life easier. But the key is finding a contractor who can do everything you need done outdoors on your property and manage their subcontractors well so you don’t recognize the difference between service providers.  

They Don’t Manage Their Subcontractors

When a landscape contractor relies on subcontractors for a specialty service, they need to know the job will be taken care of in a timely manner, so their clients get the service that was promised to them.

For instance, if a landscape professional subcontracts his lawn care services, which includes fertilization and related applications, they have to happen at specific times of the season to be most effective. If they don’t happen in time, the optimum time window closes and the client doesn’t receive the service that was promised. This is the same for a specialty service like irrigation installation and maintenance.

Making Sure Everyone Has The Right Insurance

landscape subcontractors without insurance could create liability issues on your propertyWhen you work with one contractor, it’s easier to meet the minimum requirements for what insurance they need in order for them to work on your commercial property. This typically includes workers’ compensation insurance and property casualty insurance.

Subcontractors who work for landscape professionals also need to have these same levels of insurance. If they don’t, this could create liability issues on your property.

Know When Subcontractors Make The Most Sense

HighGrove Partners does not use subcontractors for its core services, including landscape maintenance, lawn care and landscape irrigation. We want to ensure you receive top priority, and we feel we can manage that better with in-house employees.

However, we do use some subcontractors for work that isn’t needed all of the time—mulch installations and some tree care work. And we make sure to build solid relationships with these subcontractors and are meticulous about checking in and ensuring they get the work done for our customers.

While subcontractors can help a business elevate its number of services, this shouldn’t happen at the expense of quality work or good customer service. HighGrove Partners’ team is happy to share its business philosophy with you and discuss our use of subcontractors.

Give us a call at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form to set up a meeting with our team.

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Last modified: September 9, 2015