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Landscape Maintenance

When to Mulch in Spring? And Other Mulching Considerations

Spring is an ideal time to mulch the beds on your commercial Atlanta property, especially following the wet weather we experience during...

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Landscape Design & Construction

Hardwood Vs. Pine Straw—What’s The Best Mulch For Commercial Landscaping?

Mulch provides the best finishing touch on a commercial landscape in spring. A fresh layer of mulch adds drama and texture to flower beds....

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Irrigation & Water Management

Will A Rainwater Harvesting System Reduce Your Water Bill?

Fun fact: Seattle, a city synonymous with rain, averages 37 inches of precipitation a year. But, according to the National Weather Service,...

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Thriller, Filler, Spiller: Show Stopping Color in Your Atlanta Commercial Property

We’re almost into the spring months, meaning it’s time to freshen up your entryways with depth and color! A beautiful annual...

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10 Ways Your Landscape Contractor Can Help You Get LEED Certified

If you manage properties in the Atlanta market, you may have noticed a push for existing buildings to become LEED certified.   What is a...

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Landscape Design & Construction, Plants

Plants The Brighten Your Winter Landscape

Winter doesn’t always provide the most in landscape color. It’s a time when everyone bundles under winter coats, hats, scarves, and...

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Landscape Maintenance, Tree & Shrub Care

How To Tell If A Tree Is Dying On Your Property – 5 DEAD Giveaways

Tree maintenance is a commercial landscape service HighGrove offers, so we know firsthand what the symptoms of a dying tree look like....

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Irrigation & Water Management

Detention Ponds vs. Retention Ponds: Is There A Difference?

Managing stormwater is necessary for water management in the Atlanta metropolitan area, particularly during storms, to prevent flooding,...

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Irrigation & Water Management, Sustainability

How Can My Commercial Property Reduce Water Usage In 2022?

We’ve already ditched our personal New Year’s resolutions, but our professional ones are going strong!  Our #1 priority?...

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Landscape Design & Construction, Landscape Maintenance

Pedestrian Safety Tips: 5 Issues You Can Address Through Commercial Landscape Services

Managing a large commercial property is not for the faint of heart. When projects and tenant demands pull you in a million different...

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Last modified: November 12, 2020