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Winter doesn’t always provide the most in landscape color. It’s a time when everyone bundles under winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves and spends little time outdoors unless they are going from one warm interior to another, whether it’s their car, the office or home. This is particularly true after last week when Atlanta saw single-digit temperatures. Brrr!

So these cooler months tend to be more for landscape planning, focusing on what will attract visitors or tenants to an Atlanta commercial property come springtime.

However, there are some plants that are worth making the trek outside to admire. In fact, some of these plants — our favorites — actually provide their best color during the winter season. 

Crazy For Camellias

A favorite Southern foundation shrub, camellias begin blooming in November and continue providing color through March. With striking green foliage and a neat shape, even when freezing rain or frost negatively impact plants, they tend to keep their cool and recover quickly to continue their color show. The vivid blooms are welcome surprises peeking out of late-winter snow. 

Divine Winter Daphne

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Like its name implies, winter daphne is a winter charmer on Atlanta commercial properties. Many varieties provide rosy-pink or purplish flowers that open to more of a crisp white in February and March. Yellow edged or margined leaves of shiny green highlight the bloom perfectly. And, if you dare to get a little closer in winter, you won’t be sorry for this is a fragrant flower that can be enjoyed in a well-populated area, such as an entranceway or patio.

Jolly Holly

While flowers are one way to provide winter color, berries can also get the job done. And there’s no better bright berry producer than the holly. This most famous winter berry can be not only a great visual on Atlanta commercial landscapes, but it can also bring birds to the show with their additional color and song.

Crepe Myrtle Madness

Crepe myrtle highlights many focal points on Atlanta commercial properties with its full summer bloom parade that lasts through early fall, flourishing in the hottest of Atlanta temperatures. The colors in the growing season range from whites to pinks and lavenders to cherries and crimsons. But as temperatures cool, their multi-branch structure of exfoliating bark becomes a very interesting component of the winter landscape. 

Spring Ahead

And, as if Mother Nature is listening just at that moment when you can’t wait any longer for spring, the earliest late winter/early spring bloomers arrive, letting you know your wait won’t last much longer. From crocus to tulips and daffodils, these vibrant hues can emerge from the warming soil as early as February. And Star Magnolia’s pure white flowers appear at about the same time as daffodils, adding to the introduction of the full spring show that’s ahead.

Color, Color Everywhere

Atlanta winters can be brightened by some smart landscape choices. In fact, one of the best aspects of living in the South is the fact that there’s something flowering nearly year-round. HighGrove Partners would be happy to answer your color questions and help you plant a seasonal color display that is worthy of viewing in any season.

Give us a call at 678-298-0550 or use the contact form to the right, and we’ll help the wait to springtime go a little faster. For more landscape tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog.




Image credit: Daphne, Camellia

Last modified: January 13, 2014