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landscaping site amenitiesIt may seem like some developers can see into the future and deliver projects that everyone wants, but successful projects require more than a shot in the dark. This is especially true when considering site amenities for your properties.

“What’s trending now?” 

If you want to be innovative and stay ahead of the game, you have to be aware of trends. This is especially true as it relates to residential building trends compared to commercial development trends.

Commercial trends usually follow residential trends. Because of this, understanding what has been trending recently in the residential construction market will help inform decisions in today’s commercial market.

Let’s talk about five trends developers should be thinking about in regards to site amenities.

Get your grill on

Today’s backyards are no longer just a place for our kids to play, they are an extension of our living rooms and kitchens. Developers today are bringing these same ideas to their commercial properties by adding comfortable site amenities.

Outdoor kitchens where employees and tenants can cook out, conduct culinary classes and entertain clients are one of many popular site amenities. Even a simple picnic area can become a much more appealing destination with some planning and up-graded site furnishings.

Community green spaces

landscaping site amenities Developers are creating landscapes that are not only pleasing to the eye, but that are useable by tenants. Walking trails, splash pads, amphitheaters, and areas for a farmers market or urban vegetable garden have all become popular site amenities.

Dog parks

The days when “Man’s Best Friend” could roam freely are long gone. Today, developers are allocating areas specifically for our pets.  These dog parks are not just “dog runs,” but areas with introduction zones, water, big dog/little dog areas and obstacles all enclosed for their protection.

Synthetic turf is one of the popular site amenities for these areas – allowing minimal maintenance and years of use.

Upgraded pool/amenity areas

Have you ever been to a pool and had déjà vu?  That’s because some developers use a “cookie cutter” pool on all their projects.  Tenants are looking for more out of their site amenities’ areas.

Negative and infinity edges, waterfalls and fountains, cabanas with flat screen TVs and built in grills are all site amenities that give the effect of a high-end residence or five star resort that people are wanting.

Sport courts and playgrounds

Most of us wish we were in better shape and developers are trying to help us. Although some are still building the traditional tennis court, many are constructing site amenities such as mult-use sport courts and playgrounds that even adults can enjoy. 

By incorporating some fitness site amenities and strolling around the development, this can turn into a full work out. Be sure to let the tenants end their workout with a dip in the pool and a burger on the grill!

We pride ourselves on being up on the latest commercial landscaping and development trends. Why not let our design and planning experts at HighGrove help you with your next development project? Start the conversation by calling us at (678) 298-0550, or fill out our handy contact form here.


This post was written by Kevin McHenry, land services manager at HighGrove Partners.

Image source: http://www.triangleaustin.com/

Last modified: June 15, 2013